“… if your eye got poked out in this life. Would it be waiting up in heaven with your wife?”


I have questions about Heaven. There are not enough characters on Twitter so I’ve brought them here.
I am not religious. Not even in the slightest. I understand that some people need something to believe in, and I respect the (very limited) morality religions instil in their followers, but I do not understand how ancient religions continue to exist in a world of science.
Anyway, I digress.

My questions lie primarily with the Christian concept of Heaven.

If you believe in it, what do you think it is?
I genuinely want to know your thoughts; Is there one heaven? Do we have individual heavens for each other? 
I wonder this because, well, say your partner was in love with someone else which you were unaware of. They die and go to ‘Heaven’ and in their Heaven, they will be with that other person. You still love them so, so will there be another version of your partner for you to be with? OR would them loving someone else be enough to cast them into the firey depths of Hell?

Is the concept of Heaven just a scare tactic to make people behave or even a manipulation tactic by the ‘ruling’ religious bodies? If you’re only behaving in life due to the prospect of going to Heaven, is this selfish act worthy of entry?

I find it hard to believe that the concept of Heaven was developed to help people to cope with death, specifically the deaths of loved ones, as I’m not sure people gave that much of a shit back when the bible was being made up written.

Can anyone help me with these questions?


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