“You Gotta Go Your Own Way”


Despite only being released in 2013, the Way Way Back is fast becoming a go-to film of mine for times when I’m finding things difficult. Funny, heart-warming, and ultimately life affirming, it is a modern gem.

I can’t remember whether I’ve watched it two, or maybe three times so far this year. It’s not that I’m having a difficult year, (well, I am,) but it’s not been that bad.

(I don’t half ramble)

Anyway, this is a film I can put on and lose myself in. It’s the kind of character building story that I wish I had when I was that age. At 14 I was awkward & overweight. I had a happy childhood and for the majority, a happy teenage life, but it was a life that missed that one catalyst to set me on the right path.

I’m not turning this into a story of self pity, I have no reason for pity. I just wanted to write a little something about this film because I love it so much.

Remember that feeing when the time came for your family holiday to end and it was heartbreaking? This is how that film makes me feel. Eternally happy for the memories, but distraught because the memories were, well just that. Things to remember, not things to continue.

As with previous things I’ve written on here, it’s hard for me to stay focussed. Erm, just go and watch the film, then listen to the soundtrack a few times, then watch the film again, and repeat.

Oh, and as usual, Sam Rockwell dances.

Love you, bye x


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