Oh, Captain. My Captain.


I really wanted to write about Captain America: Civil War. I even got eight paragraphs into a review of sorts, but my brain is an absolute mess and I can’t write anything particularly cohesive at the moment.

I will say a few things about Captain America instead.

He makes me want to be a better person, a stronger person. Yes, Iron Man is cool, but Captain America is the epitome of all that is good. I sat watching Civil War wondering how anyone could actually disagree with Captain America. Well, turns out it was just guilt on Stark’s behalf because he fucked up big time in Age of Ultron.

I cried watching Civil War. I didn’t blubber, but my eyes filled with tears along with Steve’s when he heard of Peggy’s passing. My eyes filled with tears when Sharon used one of my favourite Cap quotes. My heart warmed when Sam & Bucky looked on as Cap got a kiss.

I’m rambling. I’m rambling because I love Cap.

Here’s a few examples of why I love Cap.



You Move;


My Best Girl;

cap and his best girl_zps66pprn4d.gif

Too Busy;


An Ideal;


I’d think of more, but I want to go and watch Captain America now x



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