I’m Not a Poet, but Unfortunately I Didn’t Know It

for Baz

the truth in a lie
the crack of a smile
a tear in my eye
alone for a while.

what is the sound upon the breeze?
it’s the tune of spoons being wrapped on knees.
the tune is one of love and glee,
it’s the song of love i wrote to you from me.
the squirrels dance about and shout,
while rabbits like to hop about.
the badger plucks upon his bass,
while door mouse children play tick and chase.
this all occurs inside my head,
as i lay asleep inside my bed.
the dreams of animals with murderous voice,
those rotten mushrooms were not my choice.
my brain begins to die and ooze,
confounded by the toxic booze.
the wasted life, untimely death,
the scent of whiskey on my last breath.
you thought this verse was happy and gay,
but it’s not the mood i’m in today.
for work is bad, i want to leave,
an escape plan I must conceive.
to flee from this barbaric oppression,
and go on the road with my Yoda impression.
to sing the song of Disney Princesses,
wear beautiful gowns and long flowing dresses.
I seem to have drifted severely off trail,
my reasoning has seemed to fail.

I saw the face of a Roman centurion today.
I asked him his name and he said nothing.
I asked what of his destination,
to no reply.
I asked of his purpose to be on this bus,
Silenced filled the air.
It was light and condensation on the window besides me.
That face it was not there.

alcohol’s my friend.
the headaches are my enemy.
my life continues as a blur,
with whiskey as the remedy.



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