Not Another Happy Ending

Those that know me are probably familiar with my fondness for the dark and twisted in films. Not the horror genre, I find most of that to be incredibly tiresome, but I love a good tragedy in other types of films. Disney Pixar would be nothing without the sadness. The Empire Strikes Back would be nothing without the goodies getting their asses handed to them by the Empire. It is a trope which is often overlooked in films. The integrity of feels would go way up in my estimation if film makers had the balls to break some hearts.

Picture this; Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up. The baby is born, the family are together. The family car is heading down the highway crammed full of love and potential Happiness Ever After. The camera zooms out… and zooms… and zooms… off into the sunset they go… BAM! Their car is in a collision with a lorry. Credits roll. Now, wouldn’t have that made a better ending?


Just me?


Anyway. Since hearing a song back in… probably 2006, I think. I have thought it perfect to accompany the ending to a film. It would be your usual run of the mill rom-com. A classic boy never meets girl story. Both perfect for each other, but life and circumstance forever getting in the way of their meeting. Years go by; attending the same parties but never speaking, friends of friends but never interacting. We have laughs along the way. Failed relationships for the both of them. Broken hearts, comedic breaking of bones maybe? Eventually, the meet cute happens (the song begins to play) Love at first sight. We fall in love with them together. We all know that they are perfect for each other. They kiss in the rain, they kiss going up the stairs, they kiss pushing through the unlocked apartment door, they kiss in the bedroom… BANG!… BANG! One shot each kills them both instantly. The burglar they disturbed rushes away with a handful of cheap dress jewellery…

Anyway. Enjoy the song, and come on film makers- don’t be afraid to break hearts.


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