My Two Penn’orth: Facts, Opinions, Preferences, & People Talking Shite on the Internet


I’ve been on Twitter for six years now, Facebook for about eight years I think, and the amount of arguments I’ve seen from people offering up their opinions on trivial things is astounding.

Fair enough, if someone comes out and says “I think the Nazi’s had a point, to be honest.” Go ahead, argue with them, they may be offering up their opinion but they’re a cunt.

What I’m talking about is one person saying that they don’t like a particular film, or they think a film is bad for the following reasons…

That is someone’s opinion and they’re entitled to it. Why argue with them?

Someone tweeting “JURASSIC WORLD IS THE BEST MOVIE OF 2015!” don’t argue with them, it’s their opinion. Every tweet about forms of media has an unwritten precursor of ‘In My Opinion.’ EVERYTHING. Don’t argue that something else is better and then offer up your preference.

What we need to see is intelligent discussion where people can offer their opinions, others offer there’s, and there is not swiping, insulting etc.

I know sometimes things get misinterpreted as there aren’t enough characters to convey fully how you feel, but take a step back, chill, and realise that there are worse things in the world than someone liking GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra (yes, I like it. nay, I LOVE it!)

If someone doesn’t like a film/ TV show/ song etc, let them. Same with if someone loves something that you think is terrible, let them.

This doesn’t expand to everything; politics for example is based on the informed and the misinformed, and to be honest, if you’re arguing about politics on Twitter using 140 characters to get your point across, you’re doing it wrong.


Artwork Archives: the Pixel People

I did these on MS Paint. What started off as something I did in work whilst speaking to people on the phone, it developed into a fairly time consuming but worthwhile venture.

The basic outline of each character is about 17pixels X pixel people