A Delicious Invention

back in 2005, I invented something potentially delicious


and i got this response…

2013-02-12 23.41.54


Burging Rhapsody

I’ve penned a little ditty about Burgs.

Burging Rhapsody

(words and music by Freddie Mercury and Ian Nesbit)

is this the real beef?

or is this a veggy?

i just want cow flesh,

no I don’t want chickpeas.

open your eyes,

ignore all the fries and seeeeeeeee

i’m a car-ni-vore, I need no lettuce leaves-

be-cause I like the beef (tasty cow),

as a burg (I want it now),

anyway the chef cooks, doesnt really matter to me,

to me

mama, I don’t want ham,

i’m really burgin’ now,

yeah I want some pattied cow,

mama, lunch time has just begun,

and now I want to burg’ it all away…

mama nooooo,

i don’t want some pizza-pie,

and if i’ve not burged again this time tomorrow-

i can-not, carry on, because no other foo-ood matters…

that’s great, my burg’ has come,

sends shivers down my spine-

a quarter-pounder and it’s mine.

come on everybody, and have a go-

you’ve gotta taste the juicy meat and face the truth-

mama ooo- (any time I’m burging)

when I am to die,

i want to be buried in a sesame buuuun…

i see a little burger in a bun,

in-my-mush, in-a-rush, there is no hesitation

tomato sauce and cheese slice-melting on my bun nice-

also-mayo, also-mayo

also-mayo, also-mayo

also-mayo, Magnifico!

i’m just a carnivore, all I want is meat-

he’s just a carnivore burgers are his favourite treat-

eats them every day for his dinner and his tea.

he likes the beef (tasty cow), as a burg (he wants it now),

with lettuce? NO! he will not eat it so. EAT IT SO!

with onions? he will not eat it so. EAT IT SO!

with tomato? he will not eat it so. EAT IT SO!

will not eat it so. EAT IT SO!

will not eat it so. EAT IT SO!


mama mia,mama mia,mama mia let me go-

the GBK has a special patty sized for me,for me,for me-

so you think you can cheat me and give me pie?

so you think you can fool me and give me Sui Mai?

oh baby, cant do this to me baby.

just gotta burgs- just gotta burgs right in here!

nothing really matters,

anyone can see,

nothing really matters-,nothing really matters to me,

(when-ever I am burging….)