He’s Back… and this Time He’s Wearing a Hat

I’m pretty sure the title for this post was a tagline for a film. I can’t remember what though, it may have just been in a Garfield comic, I don’t know, either way- I’m back.

there’s only one other article on here and that was my first one about 18 months ago. i think i added a few more since then but they had been culled at a later date.

i don’t tend to have the patience to stick at things like this, I have far too many half-finished projects in my life, my life being one of them.

now is as good a time to start writing again. i remember little bits from my time at university doing film and media studies, maybe they will help with writing this? maybe my fondness for most things pop culture will aid me? i don’t know. i’ll probably just litter this thing with bullshit and vitriol as it seems to be all I can do.

i have a few ideas to share with you. if you’re patient enough then you may enjoy what i have to say, although I’ll probably forget about this place before you do.

thanks for reading




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